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    1. Quality from the management service always in good faith

      The company has a high quality, strong research and development capability and production of experienced professional and technical team, advanced production equipment, detection means perfect,Products indicators in line with a number of international standards
      Quality Assurance

      27 years, the Swiss have upheld crystal producing high quality products, and is seen as a foothold in this business. Rich management experience and advanced production equipment have been Regin walk in the forefront of the industry's advantage, from the purchase of the initial raw materials to the last process, Regin in strict accordance with ISO9001: Quality Standard 2008 international quality management system requirements and internal developed the pursuit of every detail of precision, which makes the "Swiss crystal" brand has won a good reputation among users.


      【Materials management

      The first step in the quality assurance system is to start receiving raw materials, ingredients from. Regin all the ingredients before Jincang are sequentially registered and carefully fill out the application form is detected. Quality control personnel in strict accordance with standard sampling and testing, only by examining the raw material for the production of storage are allowed.


      Production management

      Combined with years of production experience, Regin develop a reasonable production rules and norms of production operations regulations. Each batch of products are in accordance with the rules established by the production, processing every technical detail has been the strict supervision of quality control department. All semi-finished products are required to pass in order to enter the next process after careful testing. Only through the entire production process of all product quality inspection steps, before it can be packaged goods traded.


      Final Quality Management

      Regin has an independent quality management and professional and complete quality control personnel, and the establishment of testing organizations in the workshop, each working group with professional quality inspector. In addition, the establishment of a complete set of quality standards and testing system, highly stable and has a highly sophisticated scientific tests. Each batch of the finished product will be in strict accordance with the final comprehensive quality assurance procedures to detect and eliminate any non-compliant products into the market. And the establishment of a complete file for the product, keep detailed production records, product batch recording and sending records.


      High-quality products and services

      "Quality from the management, sincere service forever" is Regin who has always insisted the quality policy, to be your reliable supplier and loyal partner who is Regin common goal. Whenever, wherever, whenever you need high-quality products and quality service tartaric acid, Ruijing Yong far is your best choice!

      Contact us

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