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      • DL-tartaric acid product introduction

        Widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, light industry and other industries, mainly for the manufacture of tartaric acid salts, such as antimony potassium tartrate, sodium and other tartrate. In the food industry as beer blowing agent, food sour agent, flavoring agent.

        Product | Hangzhou Regin Bio-tech

      • L + tartaric acid product introduction

        L (+) - tartaric acid is mainly used as an acidity regulator in food. It can also be used as a resolving agent for DL-aminobutanol, an intermediate of antituberculosis drugs.

        Product | Hangzhou Regin Bio-tech

      • About Regin Biotechnology

        Hangzhou Regin Biotechnology Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou Lin'an Jinlong Chemical Co., Ltd.) was established in 1989, is specialized in producing tartaric acid series of products manufacturers.

        Introduction | Hangzhou Regin Bio-tech

      • Plant Equipment

        Advanced production equipment, improve the means of detection, product indicators in line with a number of international standards

        Equipment | Hangzhou Regin Bio-tech

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