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    1. 27 contained glorious history and historical witness victorious Full

      The company has a high quality, strong research and development capability and production of experienced professional and technical team, advanced production equipment, detection means perfect, Products indicators in line with a number of international standards

      27 years, Regin people always uphold the "people-oriented, self-development, pragmatic innovation, overlooking the future," the purpose of development and degree of social responsibility, and always believe in "pioneering and beyond" business philosophy, stick to a line with innovation and self-development Road. 27 years of hard work, sweat and condensate sinks, victorious full house, Regin professional and dedicated people in the industry to make it multi-harvested recognized as the industry standardized production signposts.


      ◆ 2007, presided over the revised GB15358-2008 "Food Additives DL- tartaric acid" in 2009, developed under the auspices GB25556-2010 "food additive potassium bitartrate";

      ◆ 2009 Participated in the development of GB25545-2010 "Food Additive L (+) - tartaric acid" national food safety standards;

      ◆ 2014 was enacted "industrial sodium tartrate" HG / T4791-2014 and "industrial DL- tartrate" HG / T4792-2014 industry standards;

      ◆ 863 countries have commitment plan, Zhejiang Province green chemical major special projects and other national and provincial scientific and technological projects;

      ◆ Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Progress Award 1;

      ◆ Zhejiang Province of new products, new technologies to identify 3;

      ◆ get three core patents.


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